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What is the Lagree Method? 

Lagree Fitness was created by Sebastien Lagree back in 2001 after years of thorough research in fitness. Owing to its success, the method has become a favorite of celebs such as  Sofía Vergara, Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Aniston, and Meghan Markle.

The thing that makes Lagree so popular is that it can transform your body very quickly. It’s an intense workout regimen that combines the power of low-impact exercises. Because of its low-impact nature, it’s perfect for people of all fitness levels.

Lagree vs. Pilates

While Lagree was originally pilates-inspired, it is a very unique workout on its own. The fitness routine was inspired by the reformer machine that follows a spring-based design. Lagree, however, uses the Megaformer which is fundamentally different from the pilates’ reformer and all other equipment.

Unlike Pilates, Lagree happens to be the only workout to successfully incorporate low-impact movements with high-intensity workouts. It focuses on muscular endurance, muscular strength, core, form, and posture. During the session, expect a little bit of shaking and sweating. You might even feel a bit sore because Lagree packs a punch!

10 Benefits of Lagree Fitness

Improve Cardiorespiratory Endurance

It refers to how well your body’s respiratory and circulatory systems (related to the heart and lungs) can supply fuel to cells and tissues during sustainable exertion and physical activity. 

To better your cardiorespiratory endurance, you need physical activities that elevate your heart rate safely for sustained periods. In Lagree, the aerobic effects of the exercise typically kick in around after a minute of interrupted physical effort.

Better Muscular Strength & Endurance

Since Lagree follows high-intensity yet low-impact exercises, it allows you to slowly build up the endurance and strength you need without damaging or harming your body in any way. And, because this workout doesn’t impact your joints negatively, you can engage in a workout more often. 

The Megaformer technology offers a form of counter-resistance to your body that helps improve muscle strength and endurance. The machine will also push you to the threshold of higher intensity that simulates endurance over time, slowly but surely.

Lean Muscle Growth

The Lagree method is great for achieving ideal body composition. Body composition refers to the ratio of fat, bone, and muscle. So, you’re not just burning fat but you’re also developing lean muscles. In the end, it’s a highly effective tool for improving and achieving ideal body composition. You will feel more toned within a couple of sessions.

Fat Loss

Because Lagree follows a combination of high-intensity, low-impact workouts, it combines various forms of training. For example, it includes strength training, cardio, flexibility, and so much more. The goal is to work on all aspects of fitness including tightening and toning of muscles, improving flexibility, etc.

Rather than focusing only on just one group of muscles, Lagree allows you to focus on several muscle groups all at once. So, you’re getting a full-body workout with each exercise that you perform. 

Another thing about this workout is that the movement is slow rather than being quick. Over time, this allows the body to develop long, strong, and lean muscles throughout the body. In time, you will see perfect toning effects.

Improve Flexibility

Flexibility refers to the range of motion that your joints can achieve. Being flexible is super advantageous during workouts and especially as you age. Lack of flexibility increases the odds of injuries. To achieve flexible joints, you need exercise that lengthens the muscles and Lagree has several of those. 

Improve Core Strength

A strong core ensures great posture which further supports uninterrupted breathing via better thoracic expansion. Lagree is big on incorporating core strength training and it achieves that by engaging core muscles. Lagree, therefore, strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and the abdominal area by working on the core.

Improve Balance

You’ll find that the Lagree fitness method puts a ton of emphasis on maintaining correct form and ideal posture throughout the session. The idea is to help you gain better bodily control. 

It’s not uncommon for even veterans in the fitness world to unknowingly practice certain bad forms. In the long run, it often leads to muscle gains in all the wrong places that the person wasn’t even aiming for.

Even a tiny variation from the original movement could cause subpar results. But, that’s not the case with the Megaformer. Every exercise is performed with precision and a huge focus on the form/posture.

Great for Mental Health 

When you’re physically strong, it shows in all aspects of your personality. The #1 positive effect of that is you become happier and mentally stronger. The people around you also notice those healthy, glowing changes. 

You can think of Lagree as combining the best of weight training and Pilates. Both of these workouts are great for enhancing and improving memory.

High-intensity, low-impact

The thing about low-impact exercises is that they are gentler on the body so almost everyone can perform them. Low-impact exercises keep at least one foot on the ground at all times. As a result, you exert less impact on the body. Common examples are – walking, aerobics, yoga, etc.

High-intensity workouts, however, are super intense. These exercises will have you keeping both your feet off the ground in intervals. Think jumping rope, nordic skiing, biking, swimming, etc.

Lagree Fitness brought together the best of both worlds by creating a unique workout that is both high-intensity and low-impact at the same time.   

Quicker Recovery

When you exhaust only one muscle group at a time, your body experiences more pain for the next couple of days.

But, a full-body routine like Lagree distributes the exertion more evenly throughout the body. Because of this, the recovery is more bearable and a lot less hard. 

Get the best Full-Body Workout With Lagree Fitness

If you’re contemplating signing up for a Lagree class, there’s no time like now! You will begin to see the positive results right from the first session.

This article is brought to you by Lagree Fit 415. Want to learn the benefits of low-impact exercise? Read our informative article here and dive into Lagree fitness! If you are based in San Francisco, sign-up for your first Lagree Fit 415 class here.

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