7 Dangerous Signs That Your Body Is Overheating

Overheating is happen as global warming effect our world. Young children, the elderly and pets require special attention during stretches of extreme heat.  So, beware of it and look up this dangerous signs that your body is overheating

1. Tingling Skin

According to Professor Larry Kenney speaking to NPR, early symptoms of both heat exhaustion and heat stroke including a tingling sensation in the skin and goosebumps. If you experience either of these, you can definitely still avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke by immediately heading indoors before the symptoms escalate.

2. Headaches

Headaches are a characteristic of both heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat-related headaches can range from dull to throbbing — either way, they’re a red flag that your body desperately needs to cool down as soon as possible

3. Weakness & Fatigue

If you’re overcome with exhaustion and your body feels weak, you’ve begun to overheat. Along the same lines, feelings of confusion, agitation, and anxietyare another signal that your body is well on its way to overheating.

4. Nausea

Nausea is a red flag that you’re experiencing heat exhaustion — but if it’s accompanied by vomiting, that’s a sign of heat stroke. If you suspect that you or someone you’re with is at risk for a heat stroke, seek immediate medical attention.

5. A Change In Heart Rate

When your body overheats, two things can happen — your heart rate may slow down and weaken or it may do the opposite and speed up rapidly. The former tends to be a symptom of heat exhaustion while the latter is a sign of heat stroke. Either way, a change in heart rate is a sign that your body is dangerously overheating.

6. Dizziness

Headshot senior man with vertigo suffering from dizziness
Headshot senior man with vertigo suffering from dizziness

We often chalk up summertime dizziness as a harmless side effect of too much time in the sun — but if you feel dizzy, don’t ignore it and wait for it to go away. Dizziness is a sign of heat exhaustion, which can progress to a heat stroke if it goes untreated.

7. Sweating Profusely — Or Not At All

If you notice that you’re sweating profusely (or way more than you usually do), you may be experiencing heat exhaustion, so it’s time to scoot inside. The more troubling symptom is when you know you’re hot but you realize you’ve stopped sweating altogether — this is called anhidrosis and it effectively shuts down the body’s ability to cool itself off. Get inside and have a cold drink as soon as you notice that something is off about your sweating patterns — but anhidrosis is seriously dangerous and you’ll want to seek medical attention if your symptoms don’t improve quickly.

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