New Born Baby Care

Image Hosting Newborn Baby Care Common disease and is very dangerous to your baby are: 1. Respiratory tract infection 2. Lung infection (pneumonia) 3. Seizures are usually caused by infection of the brain, chills, low blood sugar and high jaundice. 4. Lack of blood sugar (Hypoglycaemia) 5. Cold (Hypothermia) 6. Yellow (Jaundice) 7. Infection in the blood (septicemia) 8. Other diseases such as Congenital Heart Disease, and the imperfections of

Dangerous of Prescription Pain Pills

I just get some email from one of my readers to share about ‘ 10 Frightening Facts About Prescription Pains’. I just copy all the fact from his/her blog because I don’t want any wrong fact… Fact 1 : Prescription drug abuse kills more people than traffic accidents A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association said that people who are prescribed high doses of prescription pills

Tooth Scaling May Lower Heart Risk

Image Hosting A news from researchers in Taiwan found that dental patients who had clean teeth and scaled it can reduced risks of stroke and heart attack. Researcher in Sweeden also find that the gum disease or periodontal may predict defree of risks for heart failure , stroke and heart attack. The studies has been present at the American Heart Association’s (AHA’s) Scientific Sessions 2011. The research found that participants

What is a sneeze?

What is a sneeze? Image Hosting A stiff breeze through the nose and mouth, which occurred suddenly and unintentionally. Sneezing is a defense mechanism to remove irritating substances from hidung.Pada general, it is not serious but can be annoying. Common cause Allergy / allergy dust lice animals pollen fungus A viral infection flu Respiratory tract infections Materials irritation to the nose powder smoke A strong odor What should I do?

Cycling activities for a healthy society

One of the easiest ways to deal with health issues is to cultivate the habit of cycling among the people. In addition to strengthen muscles and burn calories, cycling activities also contribute to the health of the population effectively and collectively.Exercise bike is lighter and not so much pressure on the joints than walking, running or doing aerobics. Image Hosting For most people regardless of age, exercise bike can be

Chicken Pox Parties is not safe

Image Hosting Have you heard about a Facebook group called ‘ Find a Pox Party in Your Area‘ ? This group is absolutely crazy because they asked parent to send infected lollipop through the mail. It is really weird that there still a people that think the lollipop will protect their kids from chicken pox. It is illegal and dangerous because it will expose to others serious infections such as