Belladonna Found in Homeopathic Teething Products


Certain homeopathic teething products marketed by Hyland contain belladonna, also known as deadly nightshade, “sometimes far exceeding the amount claimed on the label,” according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“The agency is warning consumers that homeopathic teething tablets containing belladonna pose an unnecessary risk to infants and children, and urges consumers not to use these products,” the FDA said in a statement released Friday.

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The products in question are made by the Standard Homeopathic Company in Los Angeles. The FDA says it has contacted the company, but “at this time, the company has not agreed to conduct a recall.”

“The body’s response to belladonna in children under 2 years of age is unpredictable and puts them at unnecessary risk,” Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said in the statement. “We recommend that parents and caregivers not give these homeopathic teething tablets to children, and seek advice from their health care professional for safe alternatives.”

In November, Raritan Pharmaceuticals of East Brunswick, N.J., recalled three homeopathic products containing belladonna, two of which were marketed by the CVS drugstore chain.

The FDA’s investigation of belladonna-containing teething remedies was launched Sept. 9 after at least 10 infants died and 400 became seriously ill after receiving such products, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported in October.

These products often contain nothing but water, but several brands contain tiny amounts of belladonna, which is supposed to help ease redness and inflammation caused by teething.

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