Best Fitness Centers in Turkey

Turkey is a favourite holiday destination for many international tourists, most of them come here to enjoy the warm climate and escape bitter weather conditions back home. Backpackers mainly arrive in December when it’s winter in places like Europe and America. Apart from visiting the many attraction sites are on offer, one can also exercise and keep fit at Turkey’s finest fitness centres.

Tom’s Gym


It is a well-equipped sports and health centre based in Alanya and has been in operation since 1998, guests are guaranteed of excellent training equipment and a pleasant, clean environment that would immediately make them feel at home. Tom’s Gym only has the best ergonomical equipment made from international brands like Techno Gymx-Gym 80-this coupled by encouragement from instructors almost always guarantees an excellent workout schedule. Furthermore, the training rooms are air-conditioned and there are showering facilities available for those that may feel sweaty after a workout.

Apart from physical fitness other activities on offer include martial arts, gymnastics and spinning. Also available are sauna, massage and solarium facilities for those that may want to indulge themselves after a nice little workout.


B-Fit is one of the few fitness centers in Turkey that’s meant for females only. Unlike other gymnasiums which have all manner of equipment such as weight lifts, elliptical equipment and so on, they make use of the American fitness model where exercisers only use their bodies to train. Therefore, activities like press-ups, sit-ups and stretching are common in this gym. There are several fitness consultants at hand for those that may need further advice on how to improve their bodies.

Hotels with gyms

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Apart from the regular gymnasiums there are also some hotels that have training centers worth mentioning. Some of them include:

a) Dedeman Hotel

It features a wide selection of fitness and recreation options that one can choose from based on their budget, the training center offers guests a safe and convenient environment to jog their muscles while also living at the comfortable confines of the hotel. One doesn’t have to go out looking for a facility in the streets, this is because there’s one right where they live. The prices are also affordable compared to other gyms in the area. Dedeman is well-known in the area and you definitely can’t miss it when coming in from the CBD, moreover during summer season they offer free yoga classes for those that are in attendance.

b) Marmara Hotel

This accommodation has a hi-tech gym that features some of the latest and most advanced equipment, those who train here often report faster results than others due to the wide array of equipment available for use. In addition, the hotel has fitness instructors ready to help you develop a good workout program that fits your body type and lifestyle. You can never go wrong with such an array of resources at your disposal.

If you are planning to visit this country for the first time then it would be wise to get a Turkey Visa, this document shows that one has been approved by immigration authorities to be in the country.