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Avery Lyn Canahuati passed away

Do you remembered about Avery? I’ve written about her in my previous entry. A babies that being diagnosis to spinal muscular atrophy. Sadly, her life is not long. After 5 months, she passed away. It is sad days for Avery fan that have faith to her. Just read about her entry (maybe it is last diary of her) :- Hope, her story will give inspiring to other’s parent. Image

Childhood Trauma Linked to Schizophrenia

picture hosting Study from University of Liverpool found that children that experienced severe trauma are 3 times likely to develop schizophrenia in future. The findings show the importance of genetic and environmentral triggers of psychotic disorders. This evidence suggest that this conditions cannot be fully understood without first looking at the life experiences of indivual patients. The research analyse the findings from more than 30 years of studies looking between

Sign of mental illness in children

It is hard to identify mental illness especially in children. It is important for parent to identify early of mental illness that effect on their children health. The are many mental health condition that affect children such as :- 1. Schizophrenia. The mental causes children losing focus in reality. He/she will always think something that not really exist. For example, a friends that never exist. 2. Autism. It is serious