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Ring MD

The Singapore government has invested $500,000 in funding a new health care startup. The health care startup called Ring.MD was founded by a 21 year old entrepreneur called Justin Fulcher and has been coding since the age of seven. The startup getting its funding from Singapore’s National Research Foundation. Fulcher is getting task to improve access to high quality physicians in Asia as Ring.MD let’s anyone connect for an audio

Top 10 Benefits of Running

In my previous entry, I’ve wrote about benefits of walking, in this entry I’ll give you the top benefits of running. It is important to running as it is easiest exercise to boost our health. Top benefits of running

Different symptoms of heart attack between men and women

Heart Attack is a dangerous disease. Did you know that men and women often experience different symptoms ? Read this differentiate signs of heart attack in men and women :- Signs of Heart Attack in Men Often but not always, experience the classic warning signs of a heart attack :

Hair Removal

Introduction It is long drawn controversy if it is advisable to removing unwanted hair from the body or not? Some are of the view it is a good act, whereas the other are not in favor of. We are in the favor of first option; not because of the fact over 90% support this idea but because of having some specific logic in support thereof. In the earlier days hair

5 Veggies that kill belly fat

Vegetables or veggies is an important meals for our health especially for those who want to kill belly fat. Vegetable are usually quite low in calories, so eating more of them and less of will usually reduce your calorie intake. But do you know which veggies could help you to lose weight effective way? In this article I’ll share 5 veggies that kill belly fat as below :


It’s finally the holiday season. Which means, among spending time with loved ones and enjoying the good cheer, you also need to do your holiday shopping. Unfortunately, choosing the right gift isn’t always easy. From clothes, to health products, beauty supplies, jewelry, and other great things – the possibilities are endless. There is, however, another gift option that you may be overlooking. It’s perfect for your friends and family members