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Hot weather and health tips

Nowaday, there’s hot weather outside. We should make sure that our body not get effects of heat or ultraviolet radiation. Extreme heat can force the body into overdrive as it tries to stay cool through perspiration and evaporation. Read this tips about hot weather and your health Before a heatwave Ensure you have plenty of cold fluids available. During a heatwave Try to keep your house cool, closing blinds or


There have been a great deal of studies performed that prove that happiness and improved overall physical and mental functionality can be attributed to increased physical activity. Unfortunately, technological innovations take away from a great deal of movement that you would normally get without them. The very things that are making us more efficient as a species are what is keeping many children and adults obese and depressed. Increasing the

Preventing injuries in the home and garden

We usually associate any kind of injury in the home as being reserved for the elderly or less mobile and yet many preventable accidents or simple straining injuries can happen to all ages and levels of fitness. We have all probably experienced the pain of lifting an awkward object only to get a sharp pain as we navigated a strange angle, or lower back pain when bending to lift even

Influenza Virus Vaccine

Pharmacies and clinics across North Texas shortage supplies of flu vaccine as there’s heavy demand of hospitalizations caused a spike in demand. Some stores at the Preston Road Pharmacy in University Park has been shortage of supplies for days, even as hundreds of people kept calling while some stores where shots were available quickly ran out. The increased demand of flu vaccine follows reports that many people have died of

The Latest Fibromyalgia Treatments

According to Stats Canada, Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects roughly 390,000 Canadians, although it is thought that the real number is double that number. Many sufferers have to quit their jobs because of the pain associated with their symptoms. The condition, whose exact cause remains unknown, is a condition characterized by widespread pain and a heightened pain response to pressure. Other symptoms for this condition include bowel problems, fatigue,

The effects of having the flu on seizures

Although there is an increase in children displaying febrile seizures after receiving the flu vaccination, does that mean that your child suffering from epilepsy is at a higher risk of compounding the problem? Many parents are worried that this influx of seizures caused by the vaccination is related to epileptic ones. Febrile seizures are viewed by professionals as “harmless” in comparison and they are usually brought on by high fevers