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Treating Hair Loss

The very first hair transplant is said to have been done in the year 1822 in Germany, when a medical student, along with his mentor, tried transplanting hair in animals. Diffenbach and his surgical mentor Dom Unger were of the opinion that with this procedure, baldness would eventually become a rarity. Little would they have known at that time, that hair transplantation would become such a huge domain and there

Treating Hair Loss

Have you do radiation therapy? Radiation therapy can cause hair loss but only in the area being treated. For example, if you are receiving treatment to your hip, you will not lose the hair from your head. However, radiation therapy to your head may cause you to lose some or all of the hair on your scalp. Many patients find that the hair grows back again after treatments are finished

Tips to have shiny, strong hair

Everybody wants to have strong, healthy looking hair with a natural, lustrous shine. Using high quality shampoo and conditioner is important to avoid stripping essential oils from the hair follicles and drying them out, but there’s more to have great looking hair just what you put on your hand. Do you want shiny, strong hair ? Read this tips to have shiny, strong hair :- 1) Don’t smoke – You

12 Reasons losing your hair

Losing hair is one of the big problem we must face especially for women as it is the important assets for them. There are many reason that effect hair loss. In this article I’ll share information about 12 reasons losing hair from 1.Physical Stress – Physical stress can cause hair loss. The physical trauma also become one of main reson of temporary hair loss. It also trigger a type

Hair Loss

It is quite interesting to point out that about 90 percent of human’s hair continually undergoes growth while the remaining 10 percent are at all times in a dormant or dying state, and hence they are associated with a loss of about 100 strands of hair daily. However, if you’re undergoing greater than average hair loss, then you probably need to look into several things in your life. Hair loss

Treating Hair Loss

Hello there, today we are going to talk about hair and how you can grow long, strong, health and beautiful hair. Pretty much all of us do things that are bad for our hair. It is hard to keep our hair perfectly healthy but don’t worry, I am going to offer a few tips that anyone should know. The first tip, which anyone knows is that they should trim their