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Treating Hair Loss

Do you know that fruits could treating hair loss ? It could help us to avoid from hair loss problem. Let’s read this fruits that have hair health benefit and could help us from hair loss. 10 Fruits Beneficial For Treating Hair Loss

Hair fall - How to fight it

FIGHTING HAIR FALL Hair fall is one problem that make us worried. It ain’t good when see at mirror that our hair is gone. It make worst when we comb and many hair fall. Let’s read this tips from Yahoo

Eight Habits That Damage Our Hair

Many of us don’t know some habit could damage our hair. We just follow other’s fashion without knowing it will effect hair condition. Let’s find eight habit that could damage our hair 1.  Many people like to use temporary hair color for style but don’t have a knowledge about the product. Many product contain chemical that could damage our hair. There’s some recommendation from hair expert to use product that

Head Lice Medicine

Source Pic : Introduction about head lice Lice are small parasitic insects, wingless, blood sucking. Head lice infestation is common. Children aged 3-10 years in preschool or day care centers are more vulnerable to this attack. It is easily spread, especially among school children, through personal contact and sharing personal items. Head lice will die if separated from the human head for more than two days.

Hair Care Guide for Dry Hair and Oil Hair

The hair is a crown for every woman, because it symbolizes the beauty and personality of a person. For some women, they have sensitive hair problems, especially when less care. Here are some guidelines for women to overcome: –

5 easy methods to promote healthy hair

As you know, losing hair is a major problem in men as well as in women. There are several types of products available in the market for hair loss treatment. Some of the people choose shampoo, soap and some of the other conditioners which are designed to maintain healthy hair, but these products may help you only from outside. First, you should have to find out the causes of hair