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5 easy methods to promote healthy hair

As you know, losing hair is a major problem in men as well as in women. There are several types of products available in the market for hair loss treatment. Some of the people choose shampoo, soap and some of the other conditioners which are designed to maintain healthy hair, but these products may help you only from outside. First, you should have to find out the causes of hair

Cause and Treatment for baldness

Hi.. Hair is important part in our life. Afraid about baldness is a common problem that effect on our life. Hair is always growing but, it also has a rest phase. The hair strand will fall out after the rest phase is over. At this phase the hair will fall about 50 plus hairs a day.

Fact about dandruff

Hello.. I just come back from holiday and feel that my hair get a dandruff.Maybe because I’ve not shampoo my hair for a long time. Fortunately, I’ve also found a facts about dandruff from MedikTV fanpages. It wrote in malay so I’ve try to translate and share with you It occurs because the head skin cells change two times faster than it should. Dandruff make your scalp will be itchy,

5 Correct step to use hair oil

If you want to keep hair beauty, oil of important resources. Oil has many benefits for both men and women’s hair. Hair washing and oiling the steps necessary to help maintain the health and beauty of natural hair. There are many types of oil on the market. Before buying hair oil, make sure you examine the properties offered. To get beautiful hair and strong, appropriate hair oil can help. Jojoba

5 Common Hair Mistake Woman Makes

Most of woman makes a mistake for healthy hair. Just read this 5 common mistake every woman makes image hosting png 1. Choose the wrong shampoo. – Many woman not paid attention for their hair types. It is important to choose the suitable shampoo cause different hair need different shampoo. 2. Rubbing Hair in a towel is totally wrong. It will make your hair unkempt, frizzy and less healthy. You

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair ? How Often Should You Wash Your Hair ?

image hosting jpeg Hair is one important part in our body. Beautiful hair will effect on our look. Most of us wash our hair to make it feels fresh and get a good smells. But do you know that over-washing can turn healthy hair into unhealthy hair. Most of hair grows less that half an inch per month. Using lot of shampooing can make our hair dried out and dull