Hair Care Guide for Dry Hair and Oil Hair


The hair is a crown for every woman, because it symbolizes the beauty and personality of a person. For some women, they have sensitive hair problems, especially when less care.
Here are some guidelines for women to overcome: –

1. Dry Hair – Hair can become dry if the lack of sebum. Perming, bleach, hair coloring and straightening will remove the natural oils on the scalp as it has chemicals like ammonia and peroxide.

Pre shampoo
– Use a shampoo that contains nourishing cream has shea butter and carrot oil for hair repair action. It was nice to re-establish the structures and restore damaged hair. It is used before you wash and clean the hair.

Wash hair with shampoo, creams containing collagen as it is produced specifically for dry hair and damaged hair. It works to strengthen hair structure and at the same time acting as a moisturizer.

After shampoo
Hair cream containing milk protein and vitamin R to fight drought. Keratin protein used to renew and soften the hair cuticles.

2. Oily hair
Amount of sebum on the skin needed for hair to give natural light and elastic hair. However, too much sebum can lead to acts of overactive sebaceous glands. The situation could cause a problem with your hair loss or hair loss.

Propolis jelly to clean, soften the hair skin. Propolis actually balance the sebum production effectively and naturally antibacterial.

Choose a shampoo that contains micro-pearls because they have a small circle of active ingredients to cleanse and remove oil hair and skin itching.

Hair tonic
Intensive treatment to control sebum production. It cleanses the hair and skin mencucikan remove dead cells and toxins. In fact, it strengthens the roots and promote healthy hair growth.

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  1. Excessive styling really can damage hair and make it really dry. It can even lead to a type of balding known as traction alopecia. One way to prevent this from happening is to keep hair moisturized. Great tips!

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