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Hair Care Guide for Dry Hair and Oil Hair

The hair is a crown for every woman, because it symbolizes the beauty and personality of a person. For some women, they have sensitive hair problems, especially when less care. Here are some guidelines for women to overcome: –

5 Common Hair Mistake Woman Makes

Most of woman makes a mistake for healthy hair. Just read this 5 common mistake every woman makes image hosting png 1. Choose the wrong shampoo. – Many woman not paid attention for their hair types. It is important to choose the suitable shampoo cause different hair need different shampoo. 2. Rubbing Hair in a towel is totally wrong. It will make your hair unkempt, frizzy and less healthy. You

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair ? How Often Should You Wash Your Hair ?

image hosting jpeg Hair is one important part in our body. Beautiful hair will effect on our look. Most of us wash our hair to make it feels fresh and get a good smells. But do you know that over-washing can turn healthy hair into unhealthy hair. Most of hair grows less that half an inch per month. Using lot of shampooing can make our hair dried out and dull