How Often Should You Wash Your Hair ? How Often Should You Wash Your Hair ?

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Hair is one important part in our body. Beautiful hair will effect on our look. Most of us wash our hair to make it feels fresh and get a good smells. But do you know that over-washing can turn healthy hair into unhealthy hair. Most of hair grows less that half an inch per month. Using lot of shampooing can make our hair dried out and dull or break off.
How often you shampoo? It depends on whether your scalp is oily and hair’s texture. Oil-known as sebum easily make straight hair and look greasier faster. Sebum helps moisturize and waterproof the hair shaft. If you wash your hair everyday it will strip off the natural moisturizer. Washing your hair with shampoo does stimulate the scalp and brings blood flow. Use shampoo formulated for dandruff and rinse it but don’t scrub coz it will flake even more.
It is best to pick a shampoo that specific on your hair type such as oily, dry, limp, curly, etc but avoid baby shampoos because they aren’t suitable for adult hair.
So, choose and pick the best time to wash your hair…

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