Obese Man’s make video to get help

A 23 year old man, Robert Gibbs from Livermore, California make video to get help. The man weight is between 600-700 pounds has tried everything on his own to lose weight, from going on diets to being hospitalized but none of the method succes. Gibbs make the video because he don’t know what to do. Gibbs make this video and know the risk for some people to make of him but he doesn’t care anymore. He has diabetes and scare that he will not be able to watch his niece and nephew grow up or ever have a family. The video was originally posted on March 1, just one day before his 23rd birthday. A local CBS affiliate covered this story and Gibbs has been contacted by personal trainer, Chris Powell with an offet to help him lose weight.

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Watch the video

Hope he get the help and be consistent what trainer teach.. It ain’t easy but you can do it Robert.

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