5 Common Hair Mistake Woman Makes

Most of woman makes a mistake for healthy hair. Just read this 5 common mistake every woman makes
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1. Choose the wrong shampoo.
– Many woman not paid attention for their hair types. It is important to choose the suitable shampoo cause different hair need different shampoo.

2. Rubbing Hair in a towel is totally wrong. It will make your hair unkempt, frizzy and less healthy. You need to wring out excess water from hair with your hands and then to wrap it in a towel for 5-10 minutes.

3.Some of woman like to make ponytail with their hair. It is okay but it will break your hair if your ponytail in the same spot everyday. It will damage the hairline, from the pull and tightness.

4. Delaying haircuts is bad habbit. You need to know when to make haircut regularly. It is best to cut every six to eight weeks depending on hair growth.

5. Woman always comb hair while wet. It can damage the hair and breakage. Always use a detangling spray or softening agent before combing wet hair.

That’s all. Don’t make this mistake..

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  1. Thanks for the comment, and great tips! I don’t agree with the cutting one though.. For people with similar hair to mine it’s more of the opposite, you cut quicker than it grows. If I would cut mine 6-8 weeks it would never get longer because it doesn’t grow that fast 🙂 take care xx

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