Kidney transplant patient keep life without drugs

Strong woman, Lindsay Porter

Lindsay Porter’s has problem in her kidneys and a friends donate one of his. The transplant done and Lindsay avoid to take any drugs. She wants the immune system accept a foreign kidney without drug.

“I’m so lucky,” says the 47-year-old Porter, who stumbled across the research at Chicago’s Northwestern University. Porter was able to quit her pills last summer, a year after her transplant, and says, “I feel amazing.”

It is big gamble from this Chicago woman. If this fails, she will die.

Anti-rejection drugs work by racheting down the immune system, suppressing it from attacking foreign cells. The experiment also seed of anew immune system along with a new kidney.

It is good innovation. I think live with drugs is not really freedom and what Porter do is really cool.. Hope he will fine for a rest of her life with new kidney..

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