5 Ways to Stop Vaginal Infections

written by: Michelle Rivers

A healthy vagina naturally has a number of bacteria and a little amount of yeast cells. But once the balance of these organisms is distorted, it leads to vaginal infections such as yeast infection, urinary tract infection, and the like. If you have an abnormally excessive discharge or it looks different than before especially when it emits a foul odor, better consider these 5 ways to stop vaginal infections without using any medication. Everything is natural so it would be safe to try one that would treat the infection effectively.

Vitamin C and E

Take supplements that contain at least 200 IU of vitamin E and at least 500 mg of vitamin C. These vitamins will reduce the inflammation that is related to the infection. It will also boost your immune system during the process. Since infections are usually accompanied by an inflammation on a certain area where it occurs, regulating it until the tenderness subsides will greatly help cure the condition. Take a dose of vitamin C and E everyday and stop the vaginal infection in no time.

Five Ounces of Yogurt

Eating at least five ounces of yogurt everyday can stop a vaginal infection and prevent its recurrence. Yogurts that are in supermarkets will do. Just check the label and look for the one that has live lactobacillus acidophilus in it. This is a probiotic or, in layman’s term, a good bacteria. These probiotics aid in the restoration of the yeast levels and normalize bacteria in the vagina’s mucus membranes. If you will add yogurt to your daily meal, you can totally say goodbye to vaginal infections.

One Clove of Garlic

Eat one clove of garlic every day. You can chop it up and mix it in your sauce, salad, soup, and other foods. It gives extra flavor to food so this will not be a bother to you at all. There are also garlic supplements available in the market. It comes in pills so it will be easier to swallow. This is a great alternative if you do not like the taste of garlic. Garlic is known for its natural healing capacity. It is used to lower blood pressure and relieve swelling among others. Its antifungal properties can help you cure a vaginal infection.

Vaginal Suppository

Apply live lactobacillus acidophilus, obtained from yogurt, in the form of a suppository. Use plain yogurt. This will directly react with the unwanted bacteria in the vaginal area. Make sure to store the plain yogurt in the refrigerator until the next use. It is advisable to apply it before bedtime because during the day, it would be washed off whenever you have to urinate. Expect the infection to be cured in two weeks. It would be wise to continue this procedure once a week after the infection subsided. It will help prevent the infection from recurring. If you are prone to vaginal infections, better maintain this practice.

Pau D’arco Bark

This is a native tree in Brazil. It is known for its ability to treat certain cancers and other diseases. It also has an antifungal property that can stop a vaginal infection. Boil its bark, like that of a tea, and drink it. You can also use the water as a cleansing solution. Or you can do both for faster and effective results. You can get this in some stores in your local area. There are also supplements that contain this medicinal bark, you can add it up in your daily consumption as well.

Seek the help of a doctor when symptoms still persist after a week or so. Do not self medicate with antibiotics because there are certain antibiotics that react with the vagina’s ph balance which may also be a factor of infection. Better go for a checkup to properly diagnose your condition. Prevention is undoubtedly better than cure. Exert some effort to change your old habits that may have led to this infection. Simple things like wearing too tight jeans all the time irritate the vagina. Frequently change your tampons so that the bacteria will not accumulate in the mucus membrane. Use cotton underwear. Always keep the vaginal area clean and dry. Preventing the occurrence of an infection is really simple. Worse case, follow these 5 ways to stop vaginal infections.

Michelle Rivers is a former yeast infection sufferer herself. She is also a Nutritionist, Health Consultant. Learn more on Yeast Infection Natural Treatment

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