Cause and Treatment for baldness


Hair is important part in our life. Afraid about baldness is a common problem that effect on our life.
Hair is always growing but, it also has a rest phase. The hair strand will fall out after the rest phase is over. At this phase the hair will fall about 50 plus hairs a day.

Why your hair loss

1. In this modern day, stress can cause the loss of yours hair. Stress cause the scalp gets severe tension. The essential nutrition required for the healthy growth of the hair will lose and the hairs will weak and loss.
2. From research it shows that woman in pregnancy will loss their hair in the phase after giving birth. The parent that has hair problem will affect to their siblings. It called genetic factors. The parents genetic contribute to their child of hair loss.
3. The hair will loss if scalp on the head get infection especially internal fungal. Radiation in the scalp also causes hair. The radiotherapy treatment can cause baldness of the irradiated areas.
4. Oily and greasy scalp will make hair loss very fast.
5. Inadequate nutrition also may cause hair to fall. Lacking vitamin B often become completely bald.
6. Some of medicine can cause temporary hair loss such as blood thinners.

Treatment for hair loss

1. Eat foods rich in inositol such as, liver, yeast and molasses.
2. Washing hair with cold water and rubbing of the scalp with fingers. Tingle hair with the heat. It will blood circulation on the head is much better and help hair growing.
3. Use coconut oil because it contains valuable hair tonic and improve the hair quality. Mix the coconut oil with limewater and lime juice on the hair. It will help to prevents loss of hair and lengthens them.
4. Hair transplantation is one of the most popular methods nowadays. Healthy hairs will harvest from an area of the scalp with normal hair growth.
5. Always get some advice from doctor and hair expert at least 2 times / per year. It will help to prevent hair loss.

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