Heavy breakfast can add in the kilos

Most of us take breakfast in the morning. It is to give our body more energy to work in the morning.  There’s also studies show that many people regularly eat a steady breakfast. But beware of this facts, heavy breakfast can add your weight. The studies from the German Institute for Prevention and Health Management/BSA Acadey in Saarbruecken show that more meals in morning could add calories in your body.


” A breakfast high in richness can even lead to a higher total calorie intake ” said their Nutrition lecturer , Michaela Baensch. Baensch also said that those who take in more calories than they burn will gain weight over time.


” The main thing is that those who eat breakfast should make sure they don’t eat too much ”  she said.


The breakfast need to have high in protein and dietary fibre. If you take 50 g of muesli and 250ml of milk, tehy add yp to 374 calories but 125 g of plain yoghurt, one tablesppoon of oats and apple has only 280 calories or 94 calories fewer.


The other recommendations for breakfast include curd, soft fruit, eggs and cream cheese. High calorie and high fat foods such as butter should be swapped in favour of low calorie and low fat alternative such as cream cheese -dpa


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