Eight Habits That Damage Our Hair


Many of us don’t know some habit could damage our hair. We just follow other’s fashion without knowing it will effect hair condition.
Let’s find eight habit that could damage our hair

1.  Many people like to use temporary hair color for style but don’t have a knowledge about the product. Many product contain chemical that could damage our hair. There’s some recommendation from hair expert to use product that don’t use or less chemical.

2.  Washing hair with hot water  could increased breakage. Gently use a wide toothed comb or use your finger.

3.  Using permanent color. In general, it is safe for hair but it is still can damage your hair especially compound by other harsh stylish .

4.  Permanent Hair Color use many peroxide and ammonia that can cause damage for your hair. Lightening dark hair is the bad habit that could weaken hair quality.

5.  Blow drying hair won’t harm much to your hair but the heat from blow dryer usage could dry and brittle your hair. It will lead to lose elasticity hair and break

6.  Make a ponytail is such a cute fashion for girl but the tension for your hair could trigger hair to break off.

7.  Using chemical relaxers is bad. Relaxers will penetrate hair shaft and rearranging the structure of hair.It could affect hair’s strength and elasticity.

8.  In saloon, there’s many people like to use thermal conditioning. Even you being treated by qualified technician it still have potential to get catastrophic breakage extremely porous.

That’s all for today. Maybe this tips could help us to leave some of bad habit that could worsen our healthy hair.

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