healthy hair tips

Tips to have shiny, strong hair

Everybody wants to have strong, healthy looking hair with a natural, lustrous shine. Using high quality shampoo and conditioner is important to avoid stripping essential oils from the hair follicles and drying them out, but there’s more to have great looking hair just what you put on your hand. Do you want shiny, strong hair ? Read this tips to have shiny, strong hair :- 1) Don’t smoke – You

Treating Hair Loss

Hello there, today we are going to talk about hair and how you can grow long, strong, health and beautiful hair. Pretty much all of us do things that are bad for our hair. It is hard to keep our hair perfectly healthy but don’t worry, I am going to offer a few tips that anyone should know. The first tip, which anyone knows is that they should trim their

Eight Habits That Damage Our Hair

Many of us don’t know some habit could damage our hair. We just follow other’s fashion without knowing it will effect hair condition. Let’s find eight habit that could damage our hair 1.  Many people like to use temporary hair color for style but don’t have a knowledge about the product. Many product contain chemical that could damage our hair. There’s some recommendation from hair expert to use product that