Emotional Disorders Can Cause Hair Fall

Depression is identified to be among the main causes of hair loss than as a result of excessive use of chemicals that are on sale in the market. Hair loss stress results involving the same average number of men and women.

Treating Hair Loss
The incidence of hair loss associated with depression are often found. More than 60 percent of patients who suffer from hair loss is due to problems such as stress worried, not enough sleep and unbalanced diet.

Experienced depression usually not very serious family problems, depression or involving romance. There are also traumatized by horrific events such as accidents or death of loved ones.

Pressure encourage people to do strange habits, such as plucking hair on the head, causing most of the balding head. Stress can also lead to problems difficult to sleep and unbalanced diet that can cause irritation to the hair.

Some people become depressed as a result of the death of loved ones and began plucking scalp hair so much unnoticed. Before undergoing treatment, the therapist usually take their background such as heredity, hormonal imbalances or excessive use of chemicals to identify the real problems faced. Next the patient will be given appropriate treatment according to their problems.

If the problem is caused by stress, the customer must undergo counseling first because it is the root cause to the success of the treatment to be undergone. If the problem is not resolved, it will be repeated even if we are able to provide treatment for hair to grow back.

Some of counseling is to advise our customers a healthy lifestyle, such as plenty of exercise because sweating to cool down.

In addition to exercise, a balanced diet also plays an important role in overcoming problems related to hair. Therefore, they should be given guidance on a healthy diet such as eating more fruits and vegetables fresh. Beverages such as water gas and carbon coffee can aggravate hair loss.

The drink is must to be avoided and if possible drink more plain water or water that can cool the body, such as barley, soybeans or oil.

Healthy hair had a miscarriage between 30 to 120 pieces per day, but this amount being replaced. However, the problem of hair loss is more than this amount and do not have the hair as a replacement to hair loss.

Hair loss, especially among the youth was due to excessive use of chemicals such as mouse, hair spray or dye. The use of chemicals in the process of whitening hair before mewarnakannya is also among the factors contributing to the weak and the simple structure of hair loss.

Finer structure of hair is easily damaged mengerinting activities and techniques to straighten hair. However, many young people do not bother to beautiful effect in the course of the current hair style. They are advised to know the condition of their hair first before using any chemicals or techniques to obtain the desired hairstyle.

For example, if the amount of their hair too small, should not kerintingkan hair as it may aggravate the situation and damage the hair. If you want to color the hair, make sure you have done hair treatment or see a specialist immediately when the hair loss seen too much.

To maintain healthy hair, hair oiling practice more often with the use of natural oils such as coconut oil, other hair treatment on a regular basis. Balanced diet and peace of mind also affect hair healthy and shiny.

Chances of recovery are high, between 70 to 78 percent, but this depends on yourself. If they are diligent, the recovery process can occur more quickly from between two and a half to three months. For more serious cases such as trauma, may take up to one and a half years to allow the hair to grow long.

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