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Infographic : how infrared saunas can help you get fit

Infrared saunas have been growing more and more popular recently, after being endorsed by scientists and even celebrities like Gwneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. As opposed to regular wet saunas, infrared saunas use infrared light and heat to warm the skin quicker and provide a number of health benefits. For a better idea of these benefits, UK Saunas have put together an infographic detailing what an infrared sauna is and what it

Could this bra detect breast cancer?

A teenager in Mexico has invented a bra to detect breast cancer. But does it work? And if so, how? Julian Rios Cantu, 18, has made a bra that he says will be an early warning system for breast cancer symptoms. The Eva bra, made by him and three friends who formed a company together, is only at the prototype stage. But they have raised enough money to start tests

Virtual reality hopes to treat mental health problems

Virtual reality headsets are often associated with video games and fun, but companies are also working to use them for mental health therapies, to treat phobias, anxiety or addictions. Some phobias, for instance, can be effectively treated by gradually exposing a patient to his or her worst fear, be it spiders, plane travel or small, enclosed spaces. TeleSoftas, a Lithuanian firm that develops mobile apps, believes this exposure therapy can

Omron Healthcare Introduces Its HEAT Pain Pro™ TENS Device To Help Millions With At-Home Personal Pain Management

Product developers at Omron Healthcare, a leading manufacturer of medical-grade home healthcare products, said the Omron HEAT Pain Pro™ represents an evolution in at-home TENS therapy. It is currently the only device on the market that combines TENS technology with heat – a combination used by physical therapists to maximize therapy effectiveness. “Millions of Americans suffer from daily pain. Whether they are experiencing back pain, aching knees, joint pain or

Rare FDA Warning Prompted by Hair Conditioner Complaints

Following a slew of consumer complaints, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a safety alert (which is rare for beauty products) regarding a line of cleansing hair conditioners by Wen — products that are already the target of an ongoing class-action lawsuit from 2014 over hair-loss claims. The low-lather conditioners from celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, which come in pomegranate, lavender, and sweet almond mint scents, prompted 127 FDA reports of adverse effects — including hair loss and

Men can test their sperm count at home with new device Trak

In the febrile world of health startups, entrepreneurs are racing to quantify every possible bodily and environmental function. And so if we can monitor air quality, sleep and heart rate, why wouldn’t we monitor sperm quality as well? In May, America’s Food and Drug Administration approved Trak, a new “male fertility testing” system. It looks like a cross between a frisbee, a clock and a Cuisinart blender. The Trak website