Childhood Trauma Linked to Schizophrenia

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Study from University of Liverpool found that children that experienced severe trauma are 3 times likely to develop schizophrenia in future. The findings show the importance of genetic and environmentral triggers of psychotic disorders. This evidence suggest that this conditions cannot be fully understood without first looking at the life experiences of indivual patients.
The research analyse the findings from more than 30 years of studies looking between childhood trauma and the development of psychosis. The study involved 27,000 research papers to extract date from many types of studies.The result of studies led to similar conclusions, children who had experienced any type of trauma were approximately more than 3 times to become psychotic in adulthood compare to children that don’t have any traumatic problem in childhood.
The result show a relationship between the level of trauma and the likehood of developing illness in late life.The study from Liverpool team also looked at the relationship between specific psychotic symptoms and the type of trauma experienced in childhood and found the different traumas may lead to different symptoms. The research suggest a strong relationship between environment and the development of psychosis.

Reference :- Medicalnewstoday

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