How to Prevent Back Injuries

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It’s unfortunately commonplace for people to injure themselves on the job. This is especially true when the job involves heavy lifting or manual labor. Many of these injuries could be avoided if proper lifting techniques were taught and used more frequently.

To start—it’s best to plan ahead when you will be moving heavy objects. Make sure your path is clear and utilize any equipment you may have available. If none is available, you can pack smaller boxes if possible, disassemble furniture to make it lighter and ask for help when needed.

Our friends at Simply Self Storage put together a handy infographic that covers how to prevent back injuries when lifting heavy objects. It also covers ways to stretch out your back once you’ve sustained an injury.

Follow these steps to keep your back in optimum health if you know you will be or have lifted heavy objects. Whether it’s for work, you’re moving to a new house, or simply doing some chores, it’s important to keep your back health top of mind!


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