Infographic: The Use of Mobile Devices in Healthcare

Almost every profession in the world today uses technological features in the everyday line of work, and healthcare is no exception. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals abundantly use mobile devices for the provision of superior healthcare to patients and for easily storing and locating key data about patients.

This infographic from Home Healthcare Adaptations explains how apps and mobile devices can be used for healthcare provision, as well as including statistics to show just how much the healthcare industry has warmed to the concept of mHealth.

For instance, 93% of medical professionals feel that access to health apps can help them to provide better care for patients, with 80% using mobile devices daily in their work. Interestingly, 28% of healthcare professionals admitted to storing sensitive patient data on their mobile devices, no doubt a convenience but also something that runs the risk of a serious data breach if that information gets into the wrong hands.

There are numerous apps through which doctors can reference medical information easily and find the correct diagnoses for individual situations. Also, medical professionals could use file sharing apps such as Google Drive for transferring important data, so long as it is done sensibly, while organizational apps can be very useful in helping physicians to schedule appointments.

The use of such apps can certainly streamline a medical professional’s hectic life and make key data a lot easier and quicker to access, although there will continue to be skepticism in some quarters regarding the safety of confidential patient data. The more data that is stored electronically, the greater the consequences if that data is lost or hacked.

To find out more about this new era of mHealth, check out the infographic below.

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