Low Testosterone, Higher Heart Risks

Low Testosterone

Bad news for men. A research published in the Journal of Clinical Endorinology & Metabolism (JCEM) reveals that men with low testosterone may also have a slightly higher risk of developing or dying from heart disease compared to men with higher levels.

Low Testosterone ; Higher Heart Risks

Low Testosterone

For your information, testosterone helps to maintain sex drive and the hormone also strengthens bone and muscle. The people with low testosterone could have metabolic change that lead to increased body fat and thinning muscles, as well as reduced sex drive.

The researchers do not have enough data to speculate on why waning levels of the hormone can contribute to heart disease but they suspect that changing testosterone levels could generate blood clots that lead to irregular heart rhythms and heart abnormalities. They also note that the connection may simply reflect the fact that both low testosterone and heart disease may be the consequences of poor health.


Men with low testosterone levels who were treated with hormone replacement therapy did not experience a drop in their heart disease risk which further suggests that other factors may be contributing both to declining hormone levels and a higher risk of heart problems.

More studies will be make to explore how testosterone levels influence heart health , but in the meantime the Endocrine Society recommends using hormone therapy only if blood tests show that men have abnormally low testosterone levels and experience consistent symptoms of the disorder.

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