Pain Killing Transplant

There’s a researcher from University of California found that aleviated chronic pain in mice by transplanting neurons into their spinal cords. The study could lead to better treatments for neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain caused by nerve injuries where pain occurs spontaneously or at the lightest touch.
The transplanted cells released a signalling chemical which silences excitable neurons. This could person to uncontrolled neural activity. These drug alleviate the symptoms without acting on the cause and restores the inhibitory control that is missing in the injured tissue. The researcher plan to transplanted mice to see if they could improve further or deteriorate.

“It will definitely be a very long way until such approaches can be applied in human patients,” said the researcher. He doubts that the technique will become a routine part of pain treatment, since it will require surgery, immune suppression, and a source of donor cells. However, he adds, “in the far future, it may offer a promising alternative for cases in which no other satisfactory treatment can be found, and these may be very many.”

Source :- The Scientist

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