Steps Towards a Sugar-Free Diet – Infographic

It is common knowledge that the consumption of large amounts of sugar is detrimental to our health, and most of us will be aware of the type of foods and drinks that are laden with sugar content. What tends to fall under the radar, though, is that numerous food and drink items which are branded as healthy are, in fact, rife with sneaky sugar. That could partly explain why the average adult ingests 2-3 times their recommended sugar intake every day.

This infographic from Dervla Leavy Dental Care reveals the shocking amounts of sugar that are contained in common foods and drinks, with some especially interesting notes on the sugar content of ‘low fat’ or ‘light’ items. It is crucial that we understand just what goes into our food so that we’re not unwittingly cramming ourselves with sugar.

If you’re trying to cut back, you don’t need to make drastic dietary changes. A few simple substitutions, like swapping chocolate for fruit or walnuts, can make a dramatic difference. Indeed, small steps like this will most likely be far more effective than large-scale overhauls, as you’re far more likely to take incremental actions than drastic ones.

Steps Towards A SugarFree Infographic

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