Acupuncture's Ability to Reduce the Symptoms of Insomnia

Most people experience insomnia once in a while. But chronic symptoms put both your mental and physical health are at risk. Some of the symptoms of insomnia are easy to recognise, but others you may not realise come from lack of sleep. General symptoms include: trouble falling asleep waking tired in the morning despite spending plenty of time in bed waking several times during the night having excessive daytime sleepiness

Acupuncture may improve dry mouth after cancer

There’s a study from UK found that acupuncture method could improve the sticky saliva and dry lips. It’s still not clear of how the benefit patients expectations of the acupuncture to therapeutic relationship with their acupuncturist. The study’s is still needed to resolve. Dr Richard Simcock from the Sussex Cancer Centre in Brighton told that there’s some patient get better improvement as a result. Dry mouth is a side effect