Acupuncture may improve dry mouth after cancer

There’s a study from UK found that acupuncture method could improve the sticky saliva and dry lips. It’s still not clear of how the benefit patients expectations of the acupuncture to therapeutic relationship with their acupuncturist.
The study’s is still needed to resolve. Dr Richard Simcock from the Sussex Cancer Centre in Brighton told that there’s some patient get better improvement as a result. Dry mouth is a side effect of radiation treatment for neck and head cancers. There’s only Salagen drug used but have a side effects.

Acupuncturists have been convinced therapy to help the cancer patients but there’s no evidence for or against it. The study included 144 patients from 7 UK cancer centers who had chronic dry mouth after radiation for neck or head cancer. Researchers sent the participant to 2 hour educational sessions on oral care or 8 weekly 20 minute session. In the end of the acupunture sessions between 1.5 participant report to improve in 5- dry mouth symptoms.
From the research, they conclude that the studies need to be continue to look the effects of acupunture last and their benefit. As the acunpuncture studies done in a group studies, each practitioner could treat up to 7 patients in an hour and it is cost-effective treatment for the patient.
Source :- HealthNews

It is great finding of alternative method such as acunpuncture. Some of my friends using the acupunture as their alternative treatment and some of them work.

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