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How safe is your child's milk bottle?

The U.S. National Toxicology Program issued a report that the chemical known as bisphenol A (BPA) may cause hormone-related problems, including early puberty in children and cancer tumors.BPA Chemical substances commonly found in baby bottles. It become worse when a bottle of water used for drinking during pregnancy also contain this chemical. There are concerns over its exposure to BPA can affect the unborn child both in terms of neurological

Examination of the newborn

What examination undergo by your baby Your baby will undergo some research and investigation in a few hours of his life he lead off. The first is the Apgar score, given seminit after birth, then five minutes away afterwards. These exams are researching whether your baby has problems that require urgent medical support. Most babies are advisory, or just need to be considered for an instant time. If intervention is


7 SIGNS YOUR SICK CHILD NEEDS A DOCTOR Getting sick is part of being a child, but it can be scary for parents. Some illnesses can seem mild, and suddenly take a terrifying turn; some symptoms can seem very serious and turn out to be nothing. Knowing when to call the doctor or take that trip to the emergency room isn’t always easy; here are seven signs that you should

Premature Babies

Do you know about premature babies ? For those pregnant mother, you must learn about this. Premature Babies : What you need to know Period is 40 weeks full content. Births at 28 weeks is considered as very preterm (extreme prematurity). Birth of a baby at 36 and 37 weeks is considered a moderate preterm births (borderline prematurity). This is important to consider because it regards a baby’s ability to