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Blood Test Can Screen for Rare Sinus Cancer, Study Finds

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 9, 2017 (HealthDay News) — A new DNA blood test can catch a rare but deadly form of cancer that occurs in the sinuses, researchers report. The test, which looks for DNA evidence of Epstein-Barr virus in blood samples, was 97 percent accurate at detecting the presence of nasopharyngeal cancer, according to the results of a clinical trial. “I believe that the test is technologically ready for use

What is Uric Acid Test in Blood Test

Do you do blood test regularly ? One of the part that being diagnosis is uric acid. Do you know what is the uric acid? A uric acid blood test detemines how much uric acid is present in your blood. The test can help determine how well your body produces and remove uric acid. Uric acid is a chemical produced when your body breaks down foods that contain organic compounds

Blood test could predict breast cancer's return: study

An experimental blood test may be able to predict whether a woman with breast cancer will suffer a relapse months before new tumors would be detectable on scans, researchers said Wednesday. The technology, described in the journal Science Translational Medicine, works by detecting cancer DNA that circulates in the bloodstream. While the test is not yet available to the public, and likely will not be for years to come, researchers

What is Blood Tests

Blood is the essential body fluid that is scientifically considered to be the connective tissues. It is a packet of blood cells, fibroblasts, proteins, glucose and other essential nutrients required for the body. So, blood plays a very major role in determining the overall health and well being of a person. Every time a patient falls sick, he is advised to undergo a blood test. There are several tests that