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My child is overweight, what should I do?

A chubby and plump child may look adorable and cute, with some saying it’s “auspicious” or “well-fed” in our Asian society. However, round-sized kids should not be regarded as “normal” for health considerations. It can be hard to tell if a child is overweight as they grow at different rates.   One’s body mass index (BMI) can be calculated by measuring weight relative to height, to indicate if we are

Kids get enough sleep to maintain a normal weight

The research in New York shown that too little sleep for our kids may lead changes in appetite and diet. From their experiment, kids ate less and weighed less when they went to sleep earlier than usual compared to when their bedtimes were pushed back. The study is based on 37 kids ages eight to 11 and lasted just three weeks. Chantelle N. Hart, the researcher from the Center for