overcoming migrain

Some of us have a hard headache and it will cause pain. It happen frequently especially when you are in stress. Beware of it, maybe it is a migraine. What is Migraine ? It is a neurological syndrome that causes headaches and nausea. Patient will suffer in migraine and display a perceptions change in body. Most of migraine will lasts about 4 – 72 hours and effect their sensory, visual


Many of us will imagine the worst when headache strikes. The most frequent fears are that the headache signals a brain tumor or a stroke. Sometimes, majority of headache comes out with relatively “innocent” causes, such as tension. However, it can be a symptom for serious disorder, in some cases, so you should seek medical advice, regardless of whether you think it is serious or not. In general, it is

Type of headache

Headahce is common problem to us. Sometimes it could make us mad. I think most of us have experience of headache. It will effect our daylife. Read this type of headache 1. Tension headache The scoop: This is by far the most common type of headache, affecting as many 90 percent of people at some point in their life. It’s caused by tightness in the muscles of the scalp and

overcoming migrain

Migraine is a neurological disease that is often associated with episodes of severe headaches and autonomic symptoms. Migraine is a term that is derived from a Greek word meaning pain on one side of the head or half head. Migraine pain is debilitating that can defocus a person from day to day activities. Largely seen in women, migraine is also seen in men. Migraine is a disease that results from

Signs You're Having a Migraine

Migraine are one of common disease that affect people. It occur on one side of the pain and the people suffer with migraine will intensify the pain. picture hosting Do you have a migraine? Let’s read the sign :- 1. Some people will experience auras which is they see visual such as spots, flickering lights or lines. The auras visual will last between 5 minutes and a hour. There’s a

Who Gets Migraine Risk?

Migraine is a chronic disease of the head. Migraine victims are often not able to carry out their daily duties, but some can not eat, drink and only spend time in the bedroom. About 12 percent of adults in this country suffer from migraines and most of the victims are women who have menstruation. When suffering from migraine, patients usually experience a severe headache. The exact causes of this disease