A guide to manage emergency cases

  Emergency case is a disease or injury that is life threatening or may cause infirmity if immediate treatment is not give. There are example of emergency cases such as :- 1. Convulsion/fits 2. Heart attack 3. Accidents 4. Non-stop bleeding 5. Injuries to the head or back bone 6. Asthmatic attack 7. Chocking 8. Fainting 9. Bleeding during pregnancy 10. Snakes or insect bites 11. Poisoning 12. Eye injuries

medical card

In modern era, medical cost is very high. Medical expenses is rising and it make sense that many of us get problem when get sick. Most of us prefer government hospital instead of private hospital. Government hospital has limited expert and the increase of patient will make us wait and queue to get medical treatment. It is make danger especially for critical or emergency sickness. Picture Credit :- That’s the