Varicose and Spider Veins FAQ

Being present in one or another in almost half of world’s population  among people who are more than 50 years old varicose and spider veins are certainly a topic that is well discussed. To which extent and in what detail depends usually on how seriously they influence individuals health. However, there are general notions that people need to be aware in order to keep them under control, especially those who are prone to suffering from either of the two cardiovascular problems. Therefore, here are the frequently asked questions about varicose and spider veins.

 What are  varicose and spider veins and what causes them?

Varicose veins are enlarged veins that often look like bulging twisted cords. They are usually found on the back of the calves, thighs and the inside of a leg and are often raised above the surface of the skin. They are of red and blue color, caused by venous insufficiency. In other words, weak or damaged vein valves fail to prevent the blood from going backward when pushed up to the heart. Excess of blood makes the veins bigger and they become varicose.

Spider veins are very similar in appearance to varicose veins. The biggest difference is that they are closer to  the surface and as they develop they form a structure that resembles the spider’s web. They are usually caused by the back up of blood but also by excessive exposure to the sun, injuries or hormone changes. They can be found on the face as well.

 varicose veins

Should I see a doctor about this?

If these issues cause you any kind of distress schedule an appointment as soon as possible. This is especially the case if the veins become swollen and tender to touch or the blood appears on the skin surface. Also, if  there are sores or a rash around the ankles or the skin changes color.

 Habits that need changing

One of the first obvious things is to avoid excessive exposure to the sun and  always take good care of your skin when you go out. Obesity is another thing that strongly makes thing worse since it lowers the circulation and reduces physical activity.  A balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetable will be a great change.  Smoking is another habit that needs to be dropped immediately, as well as coffee intake. Green tea would be the perfect replacement.

 Physical activity

Lack of physical activity is one of major aggravators of both varicose and spider veins issues. Therefore, if you wish to help prevent their occurrence and lower the existing impact increase your physical activity , especially your leg movement. This will improve the circulation and lessen the chances of blood clogging. Swimming, running, walking and simple  stairs climbing or leaning your legs against the wall while lying down  improve things considerably. Yoga is another highly recommended activity.

 Non surgical treatments

socks for varicose veins

Support stockings are one of the oldest and most available treatments for varicose and spider veins. They can be below the knee, above the knee or pantyhose style ones. Radio waves and laser ablations and treatments are very effective in case of varicose veins just like scierotherapy is for spider veins. Also, there are various creams and lotions that improve the  circulation and help diminish cosmetic issues.

 Surgical treatments

Around 50 percent of people suffering from varicose or spider veins were born with weakened blood valves or has at least one family member dealing with the same problems.  If this is the case and you find it hard to change your habits, increase your physical activity and see very little use of none surgical treatments of any kind you can always opt for surgical spider veins treatment which is a proven manner of solving the problem.

Obviously, varicose and spider veins are more than a cosmetic issue and should be treated as such. Regardless of what treatment you opt for do insist on changing all unhealthy habits and improving your physical activity. All of this will be highly beneficial to your general health and immensely help that none of the symptoms reappear after the treatment.

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