What You Need to Look For in a Family Dentist

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Protecting your teeth, gums, and mouth is a worthwhile endeavor. Good oral hygiene will lead to fresh breath, minimize tooth decay, protect you from gum disease, and help you keep your teeth as you age.

Research indicates that having a healthy mouth can help prevent other medical disorders. Conversely, having gum disease increases the risk of health issues such as stroke, heart attack, and diabetes.

The dentist you choose plays a vital role in helping you keep your mouth as healthy as possible. Not only can your dentist help you keep your teeth and gums strong, but they can also help you see the early signs of serious diseases.

Seeing how important it is to have a good dentist, you do not want to choose a family dentist without first considering several factors. You want your family to receive the best oral healthcare possible. This is especially true when discussing the oral healthcare of your children. Their teeth are still in the developmental phase.

Educational and Credential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family Dentist

In the United States, all accredited dentists must attend a dental school and can only graduate if they have passed practical and written exams. You want a family dentist who takes education seriously. They should pursue continued education after graduation as the techniques and technologies used in dentistry change frequently.

A good way to know about the educational background and the credentials of a family dentist is to review their website. Family dentists are proud to exhibit their credentials as these show potential patients that they take education in oral healthcare seriously.

Some questions to ask include, how long has the family dentist been in practice? Is there evidence that they participate in continuing dental education? If your plan is to use a dental office that has multiple dentists, you want to see if all the dentists have the same experience level and credentials.

Consider Their Location

Having a dentist who is conveniently located will go a long way in ensuring that you keep your dental appointments. If you live in Raleigh, North Carolina, for example, you want your dentist Raleigh NC to be close to your home, your place of employment, and your children’s school.

If your dentist is located on the other side of the city, you might find yourself needing to cancel appointments or arriving late for appointments because of traffic and other unforeseen occurrences. However, if your dentist is in an area that your family frequents, it is easier to include dental appointments as part of your family’s normal routine.

Pay Attention to the Services a Dentist Offers

When you look for a family dentist, you want someone who is able to equally treat children and senior citizens. The office should be inviting to patients of all age groups. Family dental care should make everyone in the family feel comfortable as soon they set foot in the practice.

You want a dentist who has experience in general dentistry, so they can address dental health concerns in general. If you have children, you want the dentist to be experienced in pediatric dentistry. If there are older individuals in the family, you want the dentist to be experienced in geriatric dentistry.

A firm understanding of cosmetic dentistry is a plus for a family dentist. Children, adults, and seniors may find themselves inadvertently chipping their teeth or engaging in activities that stain or discolor their teeth.

Orthodontics should be part of the services a family dentist offers. Young people and adults benefit from getting braces and using retainers to strengthen and straighten their teeth. Implant dentistry can help teenagers and adults restore teeth that have been lost as a result of trauma, accidents, or decay.

Find a Family Dentist Who Is Easy to Reach

Few things are as frustrating as not being able to get a hold of your family dentist when your family is dealing with an oral health emergency. A good way to test the accessibility of a dentist before committing to them is to try to call them at different times.

You want a family dentist to be knowledgeable, but you also want them to be friendly. You want to feel comfortable asking them questions about your oral health and the oral health of your children. They should be able to explain complex procedures to you and your children in an easy to understand way.

Your oral health is important. You trust your family dentist to care for your oral health. By doing your due diligence, you can find a family dentist who is right for your family.

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