10 foods to eat when you’re sick.

When our body is being attacked by viruses or bacteria, our bodies will fight back. One important factor for our body to fight back is energy. Our body needs the energy to fight back viruses or bacteria that attack our immune system. Without enough energy, our body will need a longer time to recover. The worse our body will get more symptoms and we will feel weaker.

Food that we eat when we are sick will provide energy and provide nutrients to boost an immune system. There are many healthy foods that we can eat we are sick. Below, there is 10 most popular food that sick people eat for energy, recovering process and to boost the immune system.

Vegetable soup.
Dark green leafy vegetables had many nutrients that our bodies need to recover from sickness. It is hard for sick people to eat these vegetables raw. It is easier to eat this type of vegetables when we cook it as soup. Hot vegetable soup will help the body to clear mucus at sinuses and give our body energy, vitamins, and minerals.

Avocado and Banana.


Avocado and banana are two fruit that easy to eat although we have no appetite. Banana had a lot of vitamins and minerals that our body needs daily. Besides that, banana can give instant protein and energy to our bodies.
Avocado is a very nutritious food. It will give a lot of fiber to the body and a good source of vitamin. Eat one avocado and one banana a day will help sick people a lot.

Chicken soup.

Chicken soup is the most popular meal for sick people. There are many cases that sickness recovers instantly after eating chicken soup. Chicken soup contains many nutrients that will boost the activity of the immune system. Chicken soup is anti-inflammations which will help the body to recover faster.

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Honey is one of the super food that exists in this world. Honey will act as an anti-bacterial in our body which will boost the immune system to fight any bacteria that exist in our body. Honey also rich in antioxidants which will help our body to recover fast.

Sweet potatoes.
Taste of sweet potatoes that soft and creamy always can easily eat by sick people. Sweet potatoes will provide a lot of fiber and energy to the body. It will prevent constipation from occurring. Sweet potatoes also contain anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut water.
We usually become hydrated when we are sick. Coconut water will help the body to rehydrate quickly. It also contains vitamin C, antioxidants and other minerals for fighting illness. The most benefit of coconut water for combating sickness is it will flush out toxins from the body.

Hot tea combined with ginger.
Hot tea itself will help to clear sinuses from congestion, help soothe sore throats, thinning mucus for it easier to get out of the body and rehydrate the body. When hot tea is combined with ginger, it will help sick people to get back his appetite and boost the immune system. It will give ‘feel good mood’ that will speed up recovery.
Hot tea and ginger can be prepared by adding a small amount of ginger in a cup of tea.

Lemon juices combined with olive oil.
Lemon is a great source of vitamin C which essential for combating illness. Without adding water, add pure lemon juice into two spoons of olive oil. Drink combined olive oil and pure lemon juice daily until the sickness is gone.
Olive oil had many benefit for cure sickness. It has anti-mucus properties and will help to clear the throat.

Fiber crackers.
Fiber crackers are the savior for sick people that had no appetite to eat any cooked food. Eat it continuously throughout the day. It will provide energy and it also will help to absorb gastric acid.


If you like it or not, you need to take a lot of water when you are sick. Drink water a lot and keep the body rehydrated. It will help the body to fight sickness.

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