April 2018

Erection Problems? This Habit May Be Why

Can watching too much pornography possibly cause problems with men’s sexual performance, such as erectile dysfunction (ED)? Evidence increasingly suggests that this may be one of the side effects of men’s fascination with porn, and it also may be turning into a more common problem of men’s sexual health. One survey of 28,000 Italian men found that “excessive consumption” of porn, starting at age 14, and daily consumption in their


Stress — that umbrella term for negative emotions like worry, anxiety, and frustration — is contagious. Much like a common cold, you can “catch” it from other people. And just like a virus, it can leave you feeling (emotionally) wiped out. How stress spreads As part of his research into stress and behavior, Tony Buchanan, PhD, director of the Neuroscience Program at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri, has

Best Way To Avoid Back Pain

Most people think that the human spine is one of evolution’s great flaws. After all, around 80 per cent of adults suffer from lower-back pain. What more evidence do you need? The truth is, the spine is a robust structure. We’re just using it incorrectly. Everybody “knows” that you put your back out if you lift objects that are too heavy. As a result, many workplaces have introduced lifting training

How does sex affect your brain?

Sexual intercourse is known to impact the way in which the rest of our body functions. Recent studies have shown that it can have an effect on how much we eat, and how well the heart functions. Reported on Medical News Today, sex has been cited as an effective method of burning calories, with scientists noting that appetite is reduced in the aftermath. Also, a study published in the Journal

Five reasons to embrace ginseng

The health-giving properties of ginseng have been documented for centuries as an essential ingredient of herbal medicine across East Asia. The gnarly looking root’s rejuvenating qualities have made it just as important in skincare as it is in health and wellness for the women of Asia, who use it for its incredible anti-ageing qualities. Ginseng bathhouses have been a mainstay of the beauty rituals of Korean women for hundreds of

Cell alert: Oxygen levels down!

Humans can survive a few weeks without food and a few days without water. But just a few minutes without this crucial element and your brain will start to shut down, resulting in what makes the physical you you disappearing. This essential element is, of course, oxygen. Our body’s cells are highly sensitive to the levels of oxygen within them. Now, this may sound like common sense, considering how crucial