5 Beauty Choices You May Regret in The Future

Today, we are constantly bombarded by beauty tips. Social networks, bloggers, self-proclaimed beauty gurus, celebrities; it is hard to even keep track from which direction these pieces of advice are coming from. Due to their sheer number, it is impossible that they are all trust-worthy. Beauty tips might seem naïve, but they are not to be taken lightly since it is your health that is on the line. Some tips are benign and cannot harm our health, but others that involve the use of various chemicals can make us regret we ever tried them. It is understandable that you want to be trendy but try to make your beauty choices after much deliberation. Guided by the “better safe than sorry” motto, we present you the 5 top beauty choices that you might regret in the future.


Getting a tattoo

Tattooing is in itself more of a cultural than a medical thing. Of course, if you decide to get a tattoo, choosing a registered tattoo parlor in which professionals work goes without saying. If your desire for a tattoo is legit, then it should not come without a plan. The things you impress in your skin should really mean to you and will continue to mean to you in the years to come. Getting a tattoo just because it is trendy and your friend is getting one is not a wise choice. Also, names of girlfriends/boyfriends are something you might regret in the future if you two split up. Then you will have to undergo laser surgery to have the name removed, all the while asking yourself: “why did I get the tattoo in the first place?”

Avoid Instagram makeup

There is nothing wrong in following people on Instagram whose beauty choices you admire, but you have to understand something. The way they look in their photos is not the way they would look in everyday life. We are talking about the makeup that seems out of this world. You never know if the #nofilter hashtag is really true. They can add all kinds of effects to their images. Amateurs do this, while pro Instagrammers don’t use filters but they put too much makeup. Such makeup is not “wearable” every day and you should definitely not try to ape it. You have to understand that its sole purpose is taking that one photo and then it’s off. As you are probably aware, too much makeup can clog up your pores and lead to all kinds of skin problems.


Poorly done cosmetic procedures

Every time you go under the knife, it is serious business. Plastic surgery is popular today, therefore there are many practices and even more cosmetic procedures they offer. Always choose the best quality ones, or otherwise, you will have to get a revision surgery. If you are not satisfied with your nose job you might need to get another one. For instance, a successful revision rhinoplasty at Silkwood Medical requires overnight care, but you can still go home the same day. It is hard enough to go through the recuperation and the scaring process once, let alone twice. That is why it is important to choose well where you are going to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Over-dying your hair

A change of the color of your hair can have a mental impact both for yourself and your surroundings. However, many people tend to use their hair too much by dying it too many times. A change is good, but be aware that before each new hair color is applied, it has to be bleached. Bleaching is the worst thing you can do to your hair since it gets damaged beyond repair. There are colors on the market that do not require bleaching, so seriously think about switching to those in order to avoid hair damage in the long run. You will thank yourself in twenty years’ time for this change.


Getting a tan is everybody’s beauty goal, but it doesn’t come without jeopardies of its own. Tanning sprays might be effective, but they are still detrimental chemicals which can backfire on you. They are known to leave stains on the skin surface, altering its epidermic structure. These sprays have even been linked to a few cases of cancer, so it is best you avoid them altogether. The second tanning option is the natural one: the sun. This is more acceptable but balance is the keyword. Sunbathing at a beach is not bad, but choose the time of the day the sun is not so strong. This is in the morning, usually up to 11 AM and in the evening after 5 PM. Everything in the interim can cause damage to your skin from sun’s radiation. Also, don’t forget to put on suntan lotion.


Beauty is not instant, nor should your beauty choices be. These are just 5 wrong choices you can make, but there are many more, so be careful. Decide wisely today so wouldn’t have to amend what you did wrong in the future.

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