5 Tips for Starting a Detox for the First Time

Doing a personal detox is a terrific way to boost your own health and feel better in the long term. In the short term, however, you may feel pretty poorly as your tissues give up the toxins and wastes they’ve been carrying. You may suffer from strong body odor, a bad headache, cramping, and dehydration. Know that the bonus on the far side will be well worth your efforts now.

Why Detox?

Your immune system has a lot to do. In addition to fighting off the viruses and bacteria that can make you sick, your immune system has to manage the toxins in your tissues. If your immune system reacts badly to a toxin you’re regularly ingesting, such as alcohol, you may experience joint pain, bloating, and overall puffiness.

A good detox also reduces the work your body has to do to stay healthy. If your tissues are inflamed, they can’t effectively absorb the vitamins and minerals you’re currently taking. A detox will make your body more efficient.

1) Schedule Alone Time

Detoxing will make you feel pretty bad for the first couple of days. In fact, since giving up caffeine and coffee are often a big part of the detox process, you will likely have a headache, which might make you grumpy. Get some lavender essential oil to diffuse during the early stage of your detox. Inhaling it can reduce the intensity of your headache.

Peppermint essential oil can also help reduce tension around a caffeine headache. Pick up an unscented lotion and put a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil in the bottle. When fully mixed, dab the oil on your temples, jugular pulse points, and jaw. Inhaling the scent will ease your discomfort.

2) Laundry

Detoxing will free up a lot of junk in your system, and you will not smell good for the first few days. In addition to showering more, make sure that you change your bedding and your towels frequently to help keep odor down in your living space.

Many in the midst of a detox struggle with a fever as their body sheds waste. Cotton sheets can help wick away perspiration. Wash or change your bedding daily during a detox; you’ll feel better going to bed on clean sheets.

3) Sauna

If you have access to a sauna, find time to sit in the heat and sweat out the junk in your system. Exercise, make sure you’ve got plenty of water in your system, then spend no more than 10 minutes in a hot sauna to increase your sweat release. Immediately shower away the toxins you’ve exuded and drink more water.

Time in a sauna may make you feel terribly tired. When you’re tired, take the time to drink 8 ounces of cool water, brush your teeth, and then take a nap. Set a timer to allow your body to rest for a full sleep cycle, generally no more than 90 minutes, then get up and drink more water.

4) Supplement

There are many recommended supplements to help you detox your system and feel better in time. Make sure you purchase the best quality organic herbal supplements you can afford to support your body as you let your toxins go.

Your tummy may have a tough time during the detox, especially if you’re trying to give up caffeine. To make this easier, always take your vitamins with food to avoid causing any stomach upset. Many vitamins dissolve more easily in fat, so if you enjoy avocadoes, take your vitamins with this nutrient-packed treat.

5) Gut

Your stomach may have developed a tolerance for the toxins you’ve been relying on. Many people who give up caffeine find that they suffer from constipation in the early days of a detox. Your gut may become more active, especially if you’re boosting your intake of fruits, veggies and whole grains.

Keep moving. Walking is a good way to keep your gut processing effectively. If you go a day without a bowel movement, you may need to drink a cup of organic herbal tea developed to help you have a bowel movement, such as Smooth Move.

Detoxing is like many other things that are really good for you. It hurts at the beginning. Keep going. You’ll love the energy and vitality you’ll find at the end of your detox challenge.

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