7 Natural Remedies for the Common Cold

While it is a mere mild nuisance to most people, it is still no fun dealing with the common cold. You do not have to resort to costly over the counter medicines and other treatments to alleviate the symptoms associated with this illness. There are a variety of natural treatments that work as ideal remedies for the symptoms of the common cold. These seven remedies are all good choices to relive a myriad of symptoms associated with the common cold, including a runny nose, cough, blocked sinuses, and more.

Vitamin C

This classic remedy is rooted in science for good reason. There have been many studies that point to vitamin C’s success in reducing both the duration and the severity of a common cold. To boost your intake of vitamin C, you can be intentional about eating foods that are high in this powerful antioxidant. There are also various supplements that will provide sufficient amounts of this vitamin.


Many people swear by the healing effects of zinc when looking to cut the duration of a cold. The most common way to receive zinc is through a lozenge or syrup. Scientists believe that zinc prevents rhinovirus from replicating in the body, keeping the cold at bay. It is important to remember that too much zinc may cause nausea and stomach pain, making it important to follow the dosage directions.

Nature’s Candy

Honey has long been a classic choice to mitigate the symptoms of a cold. This naturally-occurring liquid boasts a host of antimicrobial properties that go to work to fight viruses and bacteria while also alleviating the annoyances of fighting off a cold. You can try stirring some honey into hot water or tea to soothe a sore throat. Or treat the symptoms with cough syrup with honey. A boost of elderberry in the cough syrup will provide even more benefits.

Chicken Soup

It may seem like folklore, but there is actually some truth to chicken soup being an effective way to ward off cold symptoms. Chicken soup loosens up the mucous that builds up in your body as a result of the cold. As the mucous begins to loosen and dissipate, you will immediately begin to feel better. As a bonus, its warmth will bring comfort and soothing relief.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Proper hydration is one of the keys to winning the battle against the common cold. Drinking enough fluids helps as it moisturizes the lining of the nose and throat. This makes it easier for your body to clear out mucous. Boosting your usual intake of fluids throughout the day will go a long way in bringing about relief. It is important to avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks because these beverages are dehydrating.

Neti Pot Usage

While it may seem intimidating to use at first, a neti pot may prove invaluable in your quest to prevent nasal dryness. This nose-rinsing device consists of a pot filled with a saline solution. Users insert the device into one nostril while tilting the head to the side so that the saline flows up the nasal passage and back out the opposite nostril. Be sure to always make sure that the device that you are using is clean and used according to guidance by the FDA.

Taking Care of Yourself

At the end of the day, one of the most important tenants of getting over a cold quickly is to take care to get enough rest while reducing your overall levels of stress. Too much stress and not enough rest not only puts you at risk of catching a cold, but it also prolongs the duration and the severity of existing colds. It is particularly important to get more rest when you are not feeling well. Daily meditation may help to alleviate stress so that you are able to sleep more soundly.

Despite all of today’s modern medical advances, there is still no cure for the common cold. However, these seven natural remedies are powerful additions to your arsenal of tools to alleviate symptoms. By choosing the right treatments, you will be well on your way to feeling better in no time at all.

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