Assessing the Cause behind Gouty Arthritis

There was a time when gout was considered to be the disease of kings and wealthy men solely. But, today it is a common affliction among the normal people. Grownups and even kids across the world are suffering from this condition. According to a recent survey, gout conditions are spreading like an epidemic.  Experts have taken all the circumstances into consideration and come up with the conclusion that there are a lot of factors that contribute to the development of gouty arthritic in a human body. One of the many reasons is the widespread of obesity among the citizens of the United States. Increasing dependency on fast foods and drinks that have a high level of fructose is to be blamed for being the reason behind this uncontrollable fatness.
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To fight gout it is very necessary that one understands the primary reasons behind the spreading of gout throughout the body joints. In the most appropriate sense, Uric acid is the prime factor behind gout. To know what Uric acid actually is, might help one to understand gout better. Purines, are a kind of substance found in various foods. These substances metabolize and leave Uric acid as a by–product. In baser animals, the enzyme called uricase breaks down the acid, but human digestive system is not equipped to do so. As a consequence, the uric acid accumulates in the body joints and tissues, and subsequently crystallizes. This sells up the area affected and acute pain of gout is felt.

Features of Gout

  1. The population of the United States affected by gout counts up to 8 million people. In most cases, the sufferer is a man. However, postmenopausal women suffer from too much of this acute pain.
  2. Many people are of the opinion that gout is a result of over production of Uric acid whereas the actual fact is that many times our kidneys fail to excrete the Uric acid in time.
  3. However, overproduction is also a factor when a person is a patient of leukemia or lymphoma. During the destruction of the cancer cells, there is an increment in the amount of Uric acid in the blood.
  4. High level of Uric acid leads to a certain kind of arthritis which is known as psoriatic arthritis. This is not gout actually. It is often confused to be gout since there is a high level of cell turnover.
  5. What is the reason behind the excessive production of Uric acid? Consumption of food with high purine content; too much fatness and intake of liquor, are the three basic reasons behind accumulation of the acid.
  6. Also, several kidney problems do not let the acid get excreted from human body.
  7. Other factors such as osteoarthritis, lowering the joint temperature and dehydration, also lead to deposition of uric acid in tissues and joints.

With the accumulation of Uric acid, formation of monosodium urate crystals begins. When the serum Uric acid count goes above 6 mg/dl, it is then that such a thing happens.

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