Reason For Your Upset Tummies

Feeling uncomfortable tummy? Do you experienced nausea, vomitting, diarrhoea, abdominal cramp, loss appetite, mild fever, having blood, mucus or pus in the stools, and dehydrated?  Sort of causes expained to these symptoms you have. Food poisoning The most common cause is infection by Staphylococci bacteria which transmitted via wound or skin infection in someone handling food. It thrives in cream, processed meat, custard, and mayonnaise, especially if not well chilled.

How to Relieve From Toothache

  Obtaining an instant relief in case of a toothache might relieve you from the pain initially. However, the situation will become worse in case the condition of your tooth is left unchecked. The possibility of a greater damage will be more in elders due to the deficit of calcium in body. The use of calcium supplements will help you in making your teeth stronger, but you need to find

When Children Suffer From Tummy Ache

“Mummy, i got tummy ache!” most often your babies cry to complain about this, but you don’t know why. Some last for a short while, but when it happen for a lifetime, you have to bring them to the hospital. They may suffered from: Colic It usually happen between the ages of about six weeks and three months – and between the hours of about five and ten at night.

Avoiding Alcoholism in the Family

Close knit families like to do a lot of different things together. They may have large family cookouts, and they may have family vacations and reunions. Families may also drink together. Recent scientific studies have linked alcoholism as a genetic disease. This means that if the parents in a family are known alcoholics, then that genetic trait that could be causing alcohol dependency can be passed down to their children.

Should You Be Concerned If You Experience Snoring At Night?

Do you find yourself attempting to sleep next to a partner with an alarmingly loud snoring problem? Getting proper rest every night is crucial to living a healthy life and snoring can be a tell-tale symptom of the disorder sleep apnea. In order to live healthy and function optimally, it’s crucial to educate yourself on sleep related matters. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, reports that according to data from

7 Reasons to be an organ donor

Do you ever heard about organ donor? Maybe some of you have heard through newspaper that a person donate their organ after they die. Free Image Hosting 1. The need is big. The population is increasing and the need for organ donor is still much greater. There’s many people die waiting for an organ transplant everyday. 2. It cost nothing. Donate your organ will not cost you or family a