Plants For Your Home

Do you like to plant? It is a good hobby because plants could make your life healthy. This is some of healthiest plan for your home 1. English ivy Have you heard about english ivy? English Ivy is a species of ivy native to most of Europe and western ivy. It is a climbing plant and growth to 20-30 m high. It is helps to clear out formaldehyde. English Ivy

Dallas Wiens receiving full face transplant

Dallas Weins suffered life-thtreatening burns to his head whe the boom lift drifted into a nearby power line two and a half years ago. It is damage his face and because of his 4-year old daughter, he signed on for face transplant. He said in ABC “Good Morning America “ “I could have lived like I was, no problem, if I did not have my daughter.But I could not bear

Vaccine to prevent heart attacks

image hosting adult As we know, heart attack is one of danger disease around the world. It become a big problem because it can happen to all people and sometimes we don’t know about it. There’s a scientist in Indian claim that a vaccine against heart attack is being developed and could available in market within five years. A team from Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in US and Lund University in

7 Health care reform provision

For US people only about health care reform. There’s a law about health care reform provision that may help :- 1. Break time for nursing mothers More babies will enjoy the health benefits many attribute to nursing, thanks to a new requirement that employers provide reasonable break time and a place other than a bathroom for nursing mothers to use a breast pump. And having time and privacy for this

Dara Lyn Weis write article to fight her daughter obesity

upload images Dara Lyn Weiss has published the article about her 7 year old daughter in Vogue April issue and get many response among readers of the magazine. She wrote about her response to a pediatrician that suggest her daughter is risk for obese and other disease. The daughter has being put on the diet. It work and her daughter Bea lost 16 pounds. There’s many negative response from writer

Sign of mental illness in children

It is hard to identify mental illness especially in children. It is important for parent to identify early of mental illness that effect on their children health. The are many mental health condition that affect children such as :- 1. Schizophrenia. The mental causes children losing focus in reality. He/she will always think something that not really exist. For example, a friends that never exist. 2. Autism. It is serious