Bird’s nest for your health

Many people already know about the advantages of a bird’s nest as a health product that has been practiced for hundreds of years ago.Contemporary scientific research reveals that the tradition of taking a bird’s nest as a healthy diet is proven to work.In its tradition as a cooked bird’s nest soup. It was now been extracted in the form of powder. This is some of bird’s nest benefits for our health :-



1. Bird’s Nest is best consumed on an empty stomach.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine , Bird’s Nest is classified as a tonic. Ideally, it should be consumed before meals to allow the body to better absorb its nutrients.

2. The colour of red Bird’s Nest does not come from the swiftlet’s blood.

Contrary to popular belief, the colour of red Bird’s Nest is caused by either oxidation or minerals absorbed from the environment.

3. Men may use Bird’s Nest to promote overall immunity.

Bird’s Nest has high glycoprotein content, growth factors and a neutral energetic property, which help boost a weak immune system.

4. Bird’s Nest is traditionally used as a beauty food.

Bird’s Nest is reputed to maintain youthfulness and enhance the complexion. Modern studies have shown that Bird’s Nest is rich in epidermal growth factor(EGF). This substance is responsible for skin and tissue repair.

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5. Bird’s Nest is believed to speed up recovery.

When Bird’s Nest is consumed in moderation, its unique predigested form of proteins and nutrients is said to aid recovery from chronic illnesses. In particular, Bird’s Nest may help relieve respiratory ailments such as asthma or chronic coughs.

6. Seniors may use Bird’s Nest to maintain and enhance their health.

Bird’s Nest is traditionally used to clear Phlegm, ease chronic dry coughs and relieve fatigue – common complaints as we get older. Bird’s Nest can also be used to stimulate the appetite, improve digestion and stimulate bowel movement.

7. Bird’s Nest is a good supplement for growing children.

From a biological standpoint, Bird’s Nest contains proteins, amino acids and minerals that are essential for healthy development.


There are three types of bird nests; black, white and orange-yellow.
Select a diet with true bird’s nest ain’t easy but it will help to stay healthy.

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