Sign of mental illness in children

It is hard to identify mental illness especially in children. It is important for parent to identify early of mental illness that effect on their children health. The are many mental health condition that affect children such as :- 1. Schizophrenia. The mental causes children losing focus in reality. He/she will always think something that not really exist. For example, a friends that never exist. 2. Autism. It is serious

Kiera Knightley deal with dsylexia

As we know, many celebrity come with dsylexia problem. One of them is UK actress, Keira Knightley. She has dsylexia problem in his childhoold and dealt it by reading Emma Thompson’s Oscar-winning screenplay, Sense and Sensibility. The actress told GQ magazine that she learned to bypass the dsylexia by focusing on the script and imagine what Thompson will do. “My mum, who worked with her on Sense and Sensibility got

Second H5N1 death in Indonesia

Another story about H5N1 :- Image Hosting After Vietnam and Cambodia infect with H5N1, Indonesia 23 and 5 years old girl had died of the H5N1 infection. The 5 year old become a victim and died on Jan 16 and her sister died earlier this year. Both of them were found to be in contact with infected pigeons. Indonesian Health Ministry revealed that the girl is positive for bird flu

Using multisensory teaching methods for dyslexia person

There’s a studies from National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development that using multisensory teaching method is effective way for dyslexia children. The approach will help the children to learn through more than one of the senses. The multisensory method known as VAK Modalities and it is acronym from Visual, AUditory and Kinesthetic. It means visual , hearing, self tact and the tactile method to use for teaching the

Starch intake may influce risk for breast cancer

Image Hosting There’s a latest news about starch intake will effect to breast cancer recurrence. It is according to research that being present at 2011 CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Researches show that a subset analysis examination on how carbohydrate intake will influce breast cancer recurrence. There’s 48 % of the change in carbohydrate intake that become a key factor of breast cancer. Based on that, the researcher indicated

What is a sneeze?

What is a sneeze? Image Hosting A stiff breeze through the nose and mouth, which occurred suddenly and unintentionally. Sneezing is a defense mechanism to remove irritating substances from hidung.Pada general, it is not serious but can be annoying. Common cause Allergy / allergy dust lice animals pollen fungus A viral infection flu Respiratory tract infections Materials irritation to the nose powder smoke A strong odor What should I do?