Hurricane Sandy may lead to ratpocalypse

new york rats

New York people who face worst Hurricane Sandy may lead to another fears of ‘ratpocalypse’. This will happen because the rat will come from the sewers and onto the streets. No one know how many rats on the city but experts predict that there is at least one rat for each of New York eight million human residents.
Maybe some of the rats could be killed in the flood but most of them can save and make it up to the surface. This situation could pose a big threat for New York City. The survivor rats could find new homes, trying to get into new environment and reestablish their life. With massive amount of new food, that rats could increase the population.
Bora Zivkovic, a behavioural biologist at Scientific American predict that the storm might well have drowned a portion of the city’s rodent dwellers.

Source :- Telegraph

Whether it is increase or not, the rat is just a problem for people. It can occur other disease such as leptospirosis. Get an expert to eliminate rats if you find their population.

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